Read This Before Using Social Media Again.

The world is a small place now. Thanks to social media.

But do you know social media is going to be the next worst thing after the nuclear weapons which can literally destroy humanity?

I am not talking about physical destruction. Human life is much more than its physical form. I am talking about internal destruction.

This Article is all about the damages, caused by the Social Media in our Lives.

So without any Delay, let's start!!

1. Sleep deprivation


You are using so much social media that it has started to affect your sleep patterns. Late night sleeps can drastically impact your circadian rhythm.

The primary reason for the low level of productivity during daytime is late night sleep. Sleep deprivation is not a big deal in short-term, but believe me, in long-term it can have the dangerous impact on your psychological health.


  • Low level of productivity.
  • Mental fog.
  • Low concentration (can leads to road accidents).
  • Impulsive behavior.
  • Negative impact on short-term memory and long-term memory.


1. Don't Touch your phone/laptops 30 minutes prior to your scheduled sleep time.

2. Place it in another corner of your room away from your bed.

2. Rumors/ Misinformation


I really hate this one most and you should too.

Nowadays it has become very difficult to differentiate between a false information and a genuine information. People like us are so much unaware of this. We never thought that we should cross-check the news/facts/information prevailing over social media before forwarding it to more people.

Social Media can viral anything and can make people think that the Information is genuine. 

I have seen many children bragging about some facts they found on social media without even realizing that the information is totally false.

Do you know what this means?

Social media has already corrupted our next generation!!!


  • Mob lynching in countries like India.
  • Circulation of Misinformation.
  • An increase of Blind faith in every information found on social media.
  • The decrease in the ability to ask questions/ Raising healthy doubts.


1. Cross check every information from three or more authentic resources (minimum).

2. Don't forward any information without Applying the above-mentioned solution.

3. Personality Problems


You might face different types of personality-related problems if you use social media most often.

Here is a list of disadvantages social media has on your personality. 


  • Communication problems.
  • Social anxiety.
  • Underdeveloped social skills.
  • Low self-esteem.


1. Don't use social media as a platform for meeting new people.

2. Explore new places and meet new people there.

3. Try to talk at least one stranger a day.

4. Be fearless, because almost everyone is suffering from these kinds of issues nowadays.

4. Procrastination


Are you Lazy?

I Know you are not. Then how your all-important assignments, projects are pending?

Now tell me how many times it happened to you when you were doing some important and productive Work, your phone had distracted you. It can be anything, a message from your friend, a video notification from your favorite media channel, or a simple Popup.

The matter is, you will be stuck in a chain reaction to see one more video or one more message.

This is called procrastination.

So the Actual problem is not you, the actual problem is the environment social media has created.


  • Pending Works.
  • Mental Pressure.
  • Low level of self Confidence.
  • Negative Self- perception.


1. Be more Productive each day.

5. Unimportant Things

Here is a list of unimportant things you see on social media.

  • Memes.
  • Fun challenges.
  • Fake filters and photo apps.
  • Celebrity gossips.
  • Jokes.

Social media is full of these kinds of stuff which have no relevance in your life.

Try asking yourself one question.

How can these things help me in my career?

If you found an answer to the above question. Be my guest social media is for you!!

If you don't. Then help yourself and use social media as less as possible. You will thank yourself in the future for this decision.


1. Unfollow all the unnecessary pages from your social media account.

2. Follow only those pages which provide you with relevant information( career, Motivational, Guidance, Educational).

3. Follow only those celebs from whom you got inspired.

6. They are making money, what about you?

Let's play a rapid-fire round here!!!

Why do you spend So much time on social media?

Do you make money on social media?

Do you work for any direct or indirect incentive?

Let me tell you one thing. People who are creating content for your entertainment like short videos, memes, fun challenges or any other waste kinds of stuff ( if they don't help in growth, they are waste) are making money either in direct or indirect form.

That's why they are spending that much time on social media.

What about you?


1. Use social media as a refreshment tool.

2. Don't use it more than 30 minutes a day.

7. Cyberbullying


Do you know what is cyberbullying?

The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

Social Media has become the biggest platform for cyberbullying. No one is safe nowadays.

Girls are twice as much affected by Cyberbullying as boys.


  • Increase In suicidal Feelings among Teens.
  • Frustration.
  • Feeling of Vulnerability.


1. Don't interact with strangers on Social Media.

2. Avoid revealing your Daily Personal Routine on social platforms.

3. Keep your Privacy settings more secure.

4. Tell someone you trust, about the issue and ask for guidance.

5. Don't Ignore the Signs.


8. Materialistic Thinking

The Primary cause of Materialistic thinking in today's society is social media.

How many times it happens to you that when you open your social account you see a Celebrity picture on your wall, who is enjoying his/her lavish lifestyle. 

I bet every time!

Now Please Take your time and think of, how many time you thought that life is all about money and Materialistic things? 

It's not your fault. We are human beings and it's in our nature that we inclined towards these kinds of things. 

But let me tell you the truth behind that.

Some of them are showing off their fake lifestyle and some of them really worked very hard before they got success. 

But You are doing nothing!!! Because Social Media has put chains in your feet.


  • A feeling of frustration in your current life situation.
  • Unhappiness In Daily Life.
  • Measuring everything In the form of money.
  • Social Jealousy.
  • Depression.


1. Follow Celebrities and successful people, only to learn From them.

2. Search for their Past stories and find out how much they had struggled in their early career.

3. Ask yourself!! how will you get there if you are not doing anything for your career?


Escape is not a solution especially in the case of social media. Of course, social media has provided us with some amazing benefits but we must limit its use for our own well being.

Please share your experience with us and tell us what do you think about social media in comments below.

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