Top 5 Nutrients to Increase Brain Power.

increase brain power

Everyone loves the movie Limitless and some of you may have thought of getting NZT in real life.

So, are you here for NZT?

I have to disappoint you because I don't have that drug.

In the movie,( Limitless )Eddie Morra got nootropic called NZT-48. The drug gave him the full control of his brain.

His cognitive functions, memory recall, and other learning abilities increased to its fullest. In real life, there is no such drug which can give you full brain control. But I am not saying it is not possible to Make your brain more sharp and healthy. There is always a scope for improvement.

You can increase brain power with your healthy habits and diet. We will cover the healthy habits section later in other articles. Here we gonna list out some amazing nutrients which can really make you smarter than you are now.

So without any further delay let's start our list of top 5 nutrients ( our own personal NZT-48 ).

1. Proteins For Brain.

have you ever heard about Neurons?

I bet you have if you are into this brain kind of stuff for a long time. For the general public let me introduce the main hero of our brain "The Neuron". Neuron transmits information in the form of electrical signals.

In simple terms

 Neurons------->Transmit information.

There are gaps----------->Between neurons.

Neurons----------> communicate with each other----------------> via proteins.

So if your diet doesn't have protein content in enough amount chances are your brain is unhealthy because Neurons will not be able to communicate effectively.

Note-Hormones are proteins and that's why hormonal balance is also dependent on protein content in your body.

So what to do now?

Include enough proteins in your diet, my friend.


A. Neurons communicate via proteins.

B. Hormones are made up of proteins.

C. Use protein-rich food items in your diet.


2. Don't Forget the Antioxidants.

Do you feel old?

Aging of the brain is caused by the oxidation of the brain tissue which can cause symptoms of dementia in individuals.

Studies have shown that if you maintain a proper diet with proper antioxidants intake, then symptoms of brain aging can be reversed effectively.

Antioxidants also help in various other effective ways but the most important benefit is that it can cure your memory loss issue with increasing age. Green Tea contains the maximum amount of antioxidants among the below-listed food items.

Green Tea also Works wonder for your Immunity. You can read more about it here.


A.  Aging can cause dementia( memory loss)

B.  Antioxidants can reverse the aging.

3. Magnesium is a Must.

Many people don't know but magnesium can affect some key areas of your brain. 

The people having low magnesium level can suffer from different problems like:

A. Poor Concentration.

B. Dizziness.

C. Confusion.

On the other hand, having the ideal magnesium level can boost your

A. cognitive abilities.

B. Learning abilities and

C. Sleep quality.

D. Mood.

So don't forget to add magnesium rich food items in your diet.

4. Vitamin B-12 is the key to increase brain power.

When it comes to brain health, vitamin B-12 is like brain steroid.

Nowadays most people suffer from brain fog especially youngsters. The main reason for your brain fog, poor concentration and disorientation is the lack of vitamin B-12.

The most important thing to remember regarding Vitamin B-12 use is that it must be balanced with other Vitamins.

The chief source of vitamin B-12 is non-vegetarian foods, but I have mentioned some vegan source of vitamin B-12

Note:- You can use fortified food items for this particular nutrient.

5. Ever heard about Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is also a Type of antioxidant which relieves Brain from the issue occurring from oxidative stress.

Add some amount of food containing Vitamin E in your diet and you are good to go.


Other Important Factors

There are also some other important Factors which can help your brain to reach its peak potential.

You must add these things to your daily routine with the above-mentioned nutrients:

1. Meditation---------------------> For stress reduction and stability of brain.

2. Breathing exercises----------------> For Sufficient level of oxygen in the brain.

3. Water---------------->For maintaining the proper hydration level.


When it comes to brain everyone has their own theory. Always try the one best for you.

The above list of Nutrients has been made after a thorough research on this topic. 

Note:- We do not recommend the use of supplements for the above-mentioned nutrients.

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