Green Tea is the Key to Superhuman Immunity.

Green Tea

Do you like Green Tea? Some of you may like it but most of you don’t. I know the exact reason behind it.

It is horrible in taste.

We all know that Green Tea is really a good thing to add in our daily diet. But still, we do not use it daily ( just because of its taste).

But I bet, with regular use, you will become habitual and it will provide you with numerous health benefits in near future. I drink Green Tea regularly and I know how does it feel ( the first sip of it). 

I cannot change its taste but I can tell you how it is worth it.

So here in this article, First I will give you Top 5 health benefits of Green Tea and then you will be explained how it works wonder for immunity.

Let’s dive into this.


Health Benefits of Green Tea.


1. Glowing Skin.

The most prominent benefit you will get is Glowing skin. Green tea is full of antioxidants which reverse the oxidation of your skin cell which results in the glowing skin. It is a good detox drink as well.

2. Weight Loss.

Green Tea is a very good fat burner. Most of the fat burners available in the market have a very high content of Green tea in them. So, you can directly use It for your Weight loss program. It will work best for your fat loss program if you drink it as the first thing in the morning. 

3. Boosts Immunity.

This single benefit is so much important among all. Thus, I have dedicated the whole article to this point. I personally use Green Tea for this single benefit. Everyone wants to remain healthy always but it is not possible if you have weak immunity. The single most important thing for overall healthy life is strong immunity and Green Tea provides us that.

4. Improves Brain Function.

To work at optimal condition our brain requires many nutrients. You can read about it here.

Green Tea is full of Antioxidants which results in improved brain functions. In simple words, it can make you smarter than you are now.

5. Prevents Depression.

Researchers have found that Green Tea has a component named L-theanine which helps to combat the Depression.

It also has some amount of caffeine ( a stimulant which can elevate mood). 

Green Tea


Green Tea affects immunity.

Did you see, It provides us with numerous health benefits? But the most important benefit among all is the boost to immunity.

Let me first explain to you what really immunity is?

Actually, immunity is a kind of anti-virus program in our body like you have one in your pcs and laptops. This program guards us against the illness ( just a simple meaning for amateurs). There are different cells which act as guard cells for this anti-virus program. 

Our daily Habits, Environments, Lifestyle affects our immunity. This natural guard can be weak sometimes against some common diseases like Flu, common cold, and seasonal viral infections. Green Tea Helps us to restore our immunity back.


Green Tea can restore your immunity.

Green Tea


How much should you drink?

For this question, I would say there is no specific range for this:-

1-2 Times a day is sufficient.

Further reading

Although Green tea is safe for everybody, people having specific medical conditions should take various kinds of precautions before start using it. 

You must use it in continuity before expecting results from it. After using 1-2 months you will see the overall benefits. For reference, you can keep track of your illness record . You will see a definite change (decrease) in your illness frequency. 

Disclaimer:- People using any kind of medications must consult their doctors first before using it.

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